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Contest Winners - New Contest!

First referral contest has been completed - Rewards has been assigned to top performers depending on total active referrals. You can see final table at the contest page.

Winners - You can see your final places and rewards, your rewards can be seen in your history too. In order to enjoy your new packs you just need to add them to your contract, to do that just add new block and assign your new pack, or click on existing pack and replace it with your new pack if it is higher value then current one. Please don't forget to add pack to contract otherwise this newly obtained pack will not generate any profit, all packs have to be placed to your main or secondary contract in order to generate profit daily.

Second referral contest already started! Participate for grand rewards! See more at contest page.

Explaining why we evaluate results by active referrals only - as you probably understand your self platform has absolutely no use of inactive users, if we would want bigger users number we can just type manually million users but that would actually not do any good for us or our business, that is exactly why we evaluate contest winners by active referrals only, only active users brings benefits to our program, we hope you can appeal to that and understand our point of view.

By the way: at a time this announcement is released we are already crossed our first month online. Thank you all for your support and efforts made to make our program better we highly appreciate that from YOU.

Best wishes from our team here at office.

Posted 3d ago


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14d ago

NEW Traffic Level Feature

New feature has been implemented - Traffic Levels! A Lot More Earnings For Referring! And reminders of important stuff.

25d ago

Memberships Added

CICShare now offers upgraded memberships! All users get free Starter membership to try us out. Enjoy!

36d ago

CICShare Official Launch

Everyone welcome to CICShare Platform. This is a beginning of 2021 and a beginning of CICShare, many more good and exciting things are coming this year.