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CICShare Official Launch

Everyone welcome to CICShare Platform.
CICShare has been in development for more then a year during which plenty new and unique features has been implemented. There have been no corners cut when it comes to users experience, we hope everyone will find CICShare users friendly and easy to us.
We would like to ask everyone to first browse our platform and familiarize your self with all that we offer to you, we are sure you will find something that have some interest for you, as well we recommend to read throw frequently asked questions, many answers to your question can be found there.
Some of the features we offer -
Unique faucet module - where you can progress and earn more every hour. Faucet is a bit like a mini builder game where you produce materials, upgrade production and claim more earnings.
Unique Contracts system - We have two contracts that are required to earn daily profit from packs. We have left tutorials and tips how they work, please read them on page and in F.A.Q. to fully understand the process. As a bonus we are giving away free $5.00 Packs to new members, if you have not yet registered please don't miss your chance to receive a free pack and receive daily profit for lifetime.
Packs - That never expire. Once you purchase pack, add it to your contract and receive profit daily for lifetime, they have no expiration day and so the profit is for ever. Grab one for free now!
Unique referring module - Now not only referrers earn hundreds from their referrals, but referrals them self earn from their uplines spending and even better if user feels that they are not rewarded enough they can change their upline to more generous one.
At the same time if you are buying more and more packs to earn more and more, users will see it and will join your referrals list. Even without any referring your self you can still have thousands of referrals with time just by earning more with us.
Promoters, don't be afraid, your referred users can not leave you for 30 days after you referred them and if you spend something on site we are sure they will not leave you at all.

Free users can earn daily from high value adverts. Some of them are a $0.45 value! So if you think of starting slow, this is definitely the right place for you. Here you can earn like no where else!

We will be starting with a bang! A referral contest will help you get more members and win additional rewards. A total of $895 will be distributed to winners. More details on contest page. Prepare your self for a blast!
This is just a beginning of 2021 and a beginning of CICShare, many more good and exciting things are coming this year.
Try us out, you will not be disappointed.

Posted 36d ago


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