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Memberships Added

New different level memberships added to CICShare. Initial membership level is Standard and from today it is possible to upgrade your membership in order to increase income from your referrals advert clicks and purchases. More information about actual benefits can be found at membership page that can be accessed from members menu Important Links -> Membership or by just clicking on your membership name in your account assets dashboard.
All memberships are available to purchase for a 30 days period. Upgrading membership is only available to higher membership level, in addition when already owning membership and purchasing new, higher level, membership a system will charge you with discounted price. Discount is calculated by taking your owned membership price - dividing it by two and calculating each day price, then the rest of days left in your current membership multiplied by that membership day value. If you are planning to upgrade to higher membership level then it is advised to upgrade sooner as with every day discount will get lower and lower.

As this is a completely new feature we decided to add 14 days Starter membership to all previously registered users and all new registered users will get Starter membership for 7 days. New users promotion will run till we hit 10,000 registered users. If you see this and you still not registered we would like to invite you to register account while this promotion lasts, remember you as a new user get Starter membership and a free $5 value Pack!

Important aspect we think it is worth mentioning - at every membership level it is mentioned that it is 4 ads guaranteed, and that is initial plan to keep at least 4 self sponsored adverts for our users to click every day, even if at the moment there are 8 or more ads daily - self sponsored ads number will be reduced, we have so many adverts as a part of launch promotion and a marketing plan for everyone to earn much more till we are still new platform. So if you consider upgrading your membership you need to keep that in mind and calculate your referral income accordingly.

Again we would like to strongly suggest reading how our program works as we have noticed some users purchasing packs but never adding them to one of the contracts which is necessary to generate profit. This all is described in page hints and Questions page. We are here to help you prosper online and we want you all to earn with us and have great experience so please do read all available information and if something is still not clear, or you need help always contact us using support system or live chat. We are trying our best to help everyone, you keep us going and this is the least we can do back in return.

Best of luck to you all.
Kind regards.

Posted 25d ago


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